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“About What?”

After assisting many with their housing needs over the years, I’ve decided to venture out and establish a new real estate company—Purple Elephant Realty is open for business!

“Great! But why Purple Elephant Realty?”

For starters, the name is a KEY ADVANTAGE. You would remember a purple elephant if you saw one, wouldn’t you? While elephants are known for their memories, not one of them is purple! In his book Purple Cow, Seth Godin points out that, especially in our times, remarkability is critical in sales. Every day each one of us is faced with multiple messages, ads, requests and pieces of information. To have anyone take notice, your actions should provoke comments…water cooler talk…coffee shop chatter.

In other words, if you want to sell your house, you need the messages about YOUR house to be noticed!

If you would like to buy a home, you want the seller of your desired property noticing and considering YOUR purchase agreement over all other offers.

Memoribility is not to say that other values are of lesser importance. These include detailed follow-up and insight—which add up to dedicated service on your behalf.

In fact, all these benefits create a value-plus experience—guiding you through the oftentimes chaotic real estate maze to your oasis of a successful home sale or purchase.

Need to sell your house? Want to buy a home? Successful home buying and selling expeditions in the Pikes Peak Region begin with Purple Elephant Realty. How may I be of service you?

David Zuercher, Broker

I specialize in representing clients in the purchases and sales of single-family residences and income property throughout the greater Pikes Peak Region.

I am a long-time Colorado Springs resident, having lived and worked here for over thirty years. I have been in real estate since 1995, handling home purchases for buyers, listing property for sellers and personally investing in houses and other income properties.

I am a detail person, who knows and understands thoroughly both the buying and selling contract processes, as well as the deadlines that clients must go through before they can successfully sell their property or call a home their own. I know and live by the principle that hard work pays off, and that integrity is part of the baseline of life. My sense of enthusiasm and fun helps make every transaction an adventure, and my long-time knowledge of the area is a clear benefit to you!

When not listing property or presenting offers, my creative touch also can be found contributing to the Colorado Springs arts community as Principal Trumpeter of the Colorado Springs Philharmonic. I am married and the father of two twenty-somethings.

“Thanks for the shepherding, the legwork, phone calls, advice, above-and-beyond fact checking and overall FUN you provided! You...are the best and I’ll start passing your cards out to all my envious friends!"
Lisa, Colorado Springs

“You know, you never cease to amaze me… all the hard work you did for us, especially while we weren’t even in town! All your wheeling, dealing, scheduling, going to the house, etc., etc., etc., really saved us some $$ and peace of mind and we’re not going to forget it!”
Scott, Colorado Springs

“I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to work with you. I really enjoy it. You are such a terrific person. I hope that you will call on me again to help with anything you need in the future!”
A title company closing agent, Colorado Springs

“Your help in buying our first home was more than much appreciated. Thank you for everything.”
Chad, Colorado Springs

“We are so thankful that you have been our buyers’ agent! Your organization skills and attention to detail have been a real blessing throughout our home-buying process. And thanks for catering to our every little whim.”
Sandi, Woodland Park

“Thank you so much for your infinite patience, grace and, most importantly, humor through the process.”
Carol, Colorado Springs

“You…provided so much information, and answered so many questions with such good information that we couldn’t believe it. Neither could our friends!”
Leila & Wayne, Colorado Springs